Hello Beautiful Dreamers! I have so much in my heart to share with you about biblical dream interpretation, but one thing at a time. It’s been the busiest summer ever and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

So today, I’m going to talk about something simple.  I’m picking one symbol and will be talking about only that. In fact, as time goes by, I’ll continue talking about various “selected” symbols and tell you my thoughts about them.

And so, I’ve chosen one of my favorite symbols… the BUTTERFLY. 

Normally I don’t see butterflies in my dreams, but whenever I see one or hear someone talk about butterflies I think…..
– and FREEDOM!

Did you know that God can speak to you using physical symbols? You don’t need to dream these symbols; just recognize them and see them with His light. Since I am a visual and experiential learner, I often see and hear God speak in this way.

This method is often overlooked, but it is a very powerful method once you start tapping into God and your physical surroundings. Just look at the physical symbol that you see and ask God about it.

Therefore, don’t discount your physical symbols! Whenever you see  a butterfly fleeting through the air, stop and ask God if this is Him speaking to you. You might be very surprised.


Do you see God speaking in the symbols of your physical world?  How?

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