the sign of the RED CARDINAL

Is there any significance to seeing a red cardinal? While my friend Chris was believing God for a miracle to heal her dog Allie, she often spotted this distinctive bird as she  finished her exercise walk. It didn’t matter where she was - on nearby Lake Pine trail or back at her house, she faithfully saw this beautiful bird. 

Chris told me she actually looked forward to coming home just to see if she would spot this bird. Somehow it gave her a confirmation of the blood of Jesus that was shed for all of us. Somehow it comforted her knowing that God heard their prayers for their sick dog. Recently her son Eric told her that he also saw visions of red cardinals during that time of waiting for Allie’s miracle of healing. Could God have used this symbol to encourage their faith? 

Why do we think it strange that God would speak using physical signs? Throughout the Bible, God used signs and wonders to confirm His word. In fact, when Jesus died on the cross, there were definitely unusual happenings that occurred. There was darkness over the whole land for three hours (Mark 15:33). The veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom and the earth quaked. (Matthew 27:51). It even says that after His resurrection graves were opened and many bodies of saints who had fallen asleep were raised. (Matt 27:52-53).  These were big signs, but how come so many missed them?

Was it because people weren’t watching and listening? I’ll never forget one of my own sightings. One day I watched 2 beautiful butterflies perch on the back door of my house for almost 1 hour. It seemed strange, but I stood mesmerized and prayed. I sensed the Lord speaking His promise of healing to me as butterflies typically symbolize freedom. When I finally opened the back door, they flew away as I tucked this grand experience in my heart. While you might think this phenomena peculiar, this my friend, should be the norm.  

I believe God loves to speak to his people using all kinds of creative ways – even using natural signs and symbols. In fact, both Chris and I are believing that you too can have God speak to you through a sign. Maybe it will be a red cardinal experience?  Or maybe not? But whatever it is - it will be something personal just for you.  

So Beloved of God, be watching and listening and just ask Him who is faithful…..   “God, is this You? What might You be saying?”

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11 thoughts on “the sign of the RED CARDINAL

  1. Barb,
    I enjoyed this reminder of God’s presence revealed to us through His creation. It is a beautiful picture and there are more states that have chosen the bird as their symbol. Ohio, where I live is one of them. Sometimes God does give us confirmations such as is mentioned here that the world would veiw as odd or coincidental. But we have the Holy Spirit who testifys of God’s truth and wonders.

  2. I just Saw a Red Cardinal that caught my eye.. 5 minutes ago… Its Been a very Rough 2 months.. I believe its God and his personals signs for different people.. My mom passed a little over a month ago.. financial strain has burdened.. but i keep reminding myself of the birds and how God takes care of them.. Definately a sign for me.. Praise God!!

  3. Hi Rose, I do think you are right about reminding yourself how He even cares for the birds. May the Lord be very close to you as you see Him caring for you. Thanks for sharing.

  4. hello my name is Nancy I also am one that will see a red cardinal in my back yard or in different places and I am always in awe of the beauty of the bird and also wondering what it is that God is telling or trying to reveal to me I also am one that sees hawks in strange places even in my back yard in the inner city how about that God is so GREAT and AWESOME and i am so blessed to know he cares so much for me that he would send to me these special signs even if i don’t quite understand them fully right now I do know that it is his way of showing me I am special to him Amen

    • Hi Nancy, it is so nice to meet you. I can’t say for sure what God is saying, but isn’t it cool to know He is there just for you and me? I’m sure you can always ask Him what the hawk means, and I know He wants to have a relationship with you, and He will tell you. Just be quiet, enjoy HIM, and listen to what He might be saying. He will help you… always. Thanks for reading.

  5. My mother died unexpectantly in 2005. A few days later I went to her house to clean it out and I began to cry uncontrollably, so much that I began to hyperventilate. I was scrubbing her kitchen floor when this happened & I stood up to wash my hands in the sink . I looked out the kitchen window from above the sink, & there came flying, a beautiful red Cardinal. He just stood there perched on my mother’s pommegranite tree branch. Tears filled my eyes and a sweet peace came to me. I had never seen a male bright red Cardinal in this city. I had seen these birds on TV & in books but never live. I took this to mean that God was telling me everything was fine with Mom, that He was taking care of her, not to worry.

    • Dear Maria, thank you south for sharing. I am so glad that Lord was there to comfort you in your time of need using such a simple creature of God’s beautiful world. He promises to never leave or forsake us, and I am so thankful. Sweet blessings to you!

  6. Ever since my son died from being born 13 weeks prematurely, I have had many encounters with monarch butterflies and red cardinals. Both come extremely close, close to touch, to me and my children. We moved into our house 4 months after he passed away and since then many red cardinals have created their nests in our backyard and we see them no matter what season it is. If I am indoors, there is always a red cardinal by my recent son’s window, he will be 1 this month, I became pregnant with him a few months after my first son passed. Outside, monarchs are always around us. I am convinced that my son Alexander who had passed away, comes to us in these two forms. I know his spirit is in heaven, but I also knows he comes and visits us this way. I gives me peace when I feel so frustrated and in pain. I love this article.

    • Hello Celeste, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine losing a child; it must be so difficult. I wish I could explain why bad things happen, but words are so cheap especially when one is suffering. I am so glad you found comfort in God’s beautiful nature and that you are receiving peace. May the Lord bless you and your family with more red cardinal and butterfly sightings, that you would feel His presence and know the He and your son are still with you. Thanks for dropping by. Barb

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